A brand is built through the total experience it offers. Establishing and maintaining brand identity standards preserves the value of any organization—and becomes its most valuable asset. A brand communicates values and reflects the core mission of an organization, not only to the customers of the organization, but to its employees and supporters as well.

Graphic standards are essential to providing a well implemented brand identity. It impacts the way people think about an organization— from what people see in and around the building(s) to inter-departmental and external communication campaigns. Maintaining these standards has been a challenge heretofore. Different graphics people, in different departments often interpreting the brand guideline differently. The Fenway Group is please to propose Brand Manager and Marketing Resource solution that simplifies the process of creating and ordering properly branded communications materials.


Building a business case for any new system can be a difficult task, not only do you need to quantify sometimes unqualifiable costs and savings but you also need to gauge what impact the new system will have to your users' time and processes. Luckily there is a large amount of research with facts and figures that can help in cost and time estimates for typical day to day tasks such as: asset re-creation / duplication, searches, distribution costs, focus, tracking brand governance, repurposing content and managing multiple channels.


Fenway Group streamlines the process you use to create and order branded print materials for all your locations and/or departments. Ordering and managing the distribution of high-volume office documents like stationery, envelopes, letterhead, business cards, and brochures becomes a convenient process extendable to all individuals in your company or organization.
Our solution inludes: